Victimization Resources


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State Level

          Family Law Hotline (800-777-3247)

          Family Violence Legal Line by the Texas Advocacy Project (800-374-4673)

          Legal Aid for Survivors of Sexual Assault Hotline (1-844-303-7233)

          Office of the Attorney General, Crime Victim Services (800-983-9933)

          Office of the Governor, Victim Programs Team

          Texans for Equal Justice (800-853-4028)

          Texas Abuse Hotline (1-800-252-5400)

          Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (512-474-7190)

          Texas Center for the Missing (713-599-0235)

          Texas Council on Family Violence (800-525-1978)

          Texas Crime Victim Clearinghouse (800-848-4284)

          Texas Department of Public Safety, Victim Services (512-424-2211)

          Texas Victim Services Association (512-761-7371)

          Texas Youth Commission Hotline (1-800-989-6884)