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CJ In Texas aims to be a free resource library for anyone who is interested in criminal justice in the state of Texas. Within the library can be found links and resources related to such topics as Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Homeland Security. Information can also be found separated into different regions, such as local, state, and federal level. This website also provides information from other areas of criminal justice, such as Victimology or Emergency Management. Areas like these are just as important and have an impact on the wider scope of criminal justice here in the state of Texas.

Created by the Institute for Homeland Security from Sam Houston State University's College of Criminal Justice, our first goal is to pool together resources from across the state of Texas. Whether student or professional, we want to be an asset for the industry by providing ease of access to all. Our second goal, however, is to collaborate with the community! If you notice something is missing, let us know!

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